Meitheal Practice Model (preceded by the YPAR Protocol until 2016)

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The Meitheal Practice Model provides an agreed structure for supporting cooperation between agencies in the north inner city of Dublin to ensure a coordinated, effective and person-centred service for children, young people and their families.

Groups and agencies who adopt the Meitheal Practice Model agree to use it as the template for inter-agency coordination in all situations where a multi-agency response is useful, whether that involves prevention, early intervention or treatment.

The basic idea of the Meitheal Practice Model is that any agency or group working with children or young people, can seek the assistance of other agencies or groups to support a child, young person, or family by calling a ‘Meitheal’ meeting. At this meeting, where the emphasis is on actions, a plan is agreed around the needs of the young person and then implemented.  The Meitheal Practice Model outlines a set of procedures to help this to happen as efficiently as possible.

It is designed to support and strengthen the implementation of Children First: National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children, whose procedures for child protection always apply.

The Meitheal Practice Model does not replace existing informal contacts between agencies or groups.

For further information contact

Frank Mulville,
YPAR Meitheal and Services Support Coordinator


0868431421 / 018194779