Vision, Mission & Goals


To live in a place of hope, equality and opportunity where young people and their family’s dreams are realised


To promote and develop an inclusive approach through integration and partnership of services and agencies working with children, young people and families that serve their needs and enables them to realise their potential.


  1. To identify and respond to gaps and deficiencies in systems, structures and supports, working in partnership with services and agencies that will result in better outcomes and protect the safety and welfare of children, young people and families
  2. Promote, support and maintain appropriate interagency mechanisms including the Meitheal Practice Model and other areas of integration best practice.
  3. Identify and overcome blockages to progressive pathways of education, training and employment for children, young people and families in the NIC.
  4. Combat all forms of discrimination and enable minority ethnic children, young people and families to realise their potential and be active members of their community.
  5. Deliver creative ways to ensure the meaningful participation and voices & views of children, young people and adults are heard and acted upon.
  6. To promote and advocate for responsive policies for children, young people and families and promote this through active lobbying of appropriate agencies.
  7. To evaluate, monitor and measure progress of YPAR interventions to learn what works and what doesn’t.